Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I love the first of the Month

I am so excited because tomorrow is the first of the month and all my scrap clubs renew on the 1st and there is always lots and lots of goodies.  Only problem is I am 8 hours ahead here in the UK so its often the following day before I get to have a rumage through all the scrap goodies.  Hey ho... Sometimes they are there early... Oooo so excited!

Delight in Every Moment

This layout is of my eldest daughter Hollie and her bestest friend also called Holly. They have been the greatest of friends since they started year 10 together year before last and are truely inseperable. This photo was taken at leysdown at the end of summer and really symbolises their friendship well. Walking into the sunset hand in hand knowing the other will always be there for them.

Durin Eberhart SS Tools Styles Distressed. SyndeeNuckles SS Tools Shapes Brackets e-lena designs Where my Dreams live ptitesouris Sun Sea Holiday Photoshop CS3

My blog is up and running!

Wow I can't believe my blog is finally up and running. After days of tweaking this on photoshop and tweaking that and then fiddling with code... It's ready!!! Yay!!! A big thanks to the designers at ScrapGirls for their wonderful kits which were used to design the layout for this blog. I've been scrapbooking for nearly 2 years now. It started with paper scrapbooking but then moved on quickly to digital - far less mess to clear up afterwords and fits in alot easier around family and work!

Here is the latest layout I have done of my twin boys Archie and Harley using Angie Briggs Kit JustBU. I had great fun making the vellum pockets and then stuffing them full of stash.

All the kits shown on here have come from the ScrapGirls monthly club. It's a real bargain you basically get loads of goodies which would normally have cost about 30 dollars for 10 dollars give or take a cent. There is also a special members gallery to give and receive love it is definately worth a look