Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well at least the snow has stopped!!

The snow has now stopped falling thank god but we are still left with plenty of it on the ground and freezing ice to boot.  Our road is like a skating rink and every morning I watch the car slide sideways down it.  I did manage to get out myself today but it was like going to Alton Towers on the rides - stomach churning!! 
We get snow most years and normally I drive happily in it but this year has been like no other.  I am probably a little more scared this year as I would hate to fall on my fracture and end up laid up again.  I will definately be glad to see the back of it but with temperatures not reaching above zero for the most part its unlikely to be anytime soon.
Lets hope tomorrow brings some sunshine!

On a brighter note Archie was very brave today and went to the dentist and had 3 diddy fillings done which is great as no more winging at 2am with toothache.  It was the boys christmas concert day and they got there just in time after the dentist.  I couldn't go but Emma said they were very cute!  Kayleigh is good too... apart from fed up with walking to school on the ice.  She has had a couple of little tumbles but managing okay so far....

Anyway thats all for me today.  Off to do a bit of designing.  My new christmas collection will be in the store this weekend :)

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