Saturday, 18 December 2010

Creative Team Call

Hi everyone

I have decided that I really need to increase the support of my designs and get my products "out there!"  I have posted a creative team call at Digishoptalk and am looking for talented, happy positive people to join my team.

The Requirements are fairly simple:
I require 1 - 2 layouts per product.
Post layouts in my DSI gallery and two galleries of your choice
Post layouts on your blog.
Take part in the creative team forum.

If you would be interested please email me at with a short bio and links to your most up to date gallery and blog.

Looking forward to seeing all your designs
Hugs and Smiles

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Twas the Night Mega Collection

Hi Everyone

I have a fantastic new product in store - I had a blast making this one.  It was so much fun I just didn't want to stop!

TWAS THE NIGHT Mega Collection

Based on the Poem:
Twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse....

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a sucker for christmas and Christmas eve is a special day for us.  For it was on Christmas eve that we found out we were finally pregnant and it was later confirmed we were having twins!

Twas the night can be found HERE: Four Little Pixels Twas the Night Mega Collection

Can't wait to see your layouts in the gallery!!

Sonia xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well at least the snow has stopped!!

The snow has now stopped falling thank god but we are still left with plenty of it on the ground and freezing ice to boot.  Our road is like a skating rink and every morning I watch the car slide sideways down it.  I did manage to get out myself today but it was like going to Alton Towers on the rides - stomach churning!! 
We get snow most years and normally I drive happily in it but this year has been like no other.  I am probably a little more scared this year as I would hate to fall on my fracture and end up laid up again.  I will definately be glad to see the back of it but with temperatures not reaching above zero for the most part its unlikely to be anytime soon.
Lets hope tomorrow brings some sunshine!

On a brighter note Archie was very brave today and went to the dentist and had 3 diddy fillings done which is great as no more winging at 2am with toothache.  It was the boys christmas concert day and they got there just in time after the dentist.  I couldn't go but Emma said they were very cute!  Kayleigh is good too... apart from fed up with walking to school on the ice.  She has had a couple of little tumbles but managing okay so far....

Anyway thats all for me today.  Off to do a bit of designing.  My new christmas collection will be in the store this weekend :)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh no more snow on the way!!

I have just watched the weather and we have got more snow coming.  In fact it is going to snow all night and most of tomorrow.  This part of Kent is expecting another 6 inches we already have 11 and it will be deeper in some places due to the wind.... I'll be lucky to be able to open the front door tomorrow!!

Fun in the Snow!!

Once again this year Kent has come to a standstill under a deluge of snow.  It has been snowing constantly now for 2 days and we have at least 9 inches of snow... More in places.Whilst this creates ample time for me to catch up on paperwork it isn't all good with all the schools shut :(  It also means I daren't venture further than the back garden for fear of falling on my fracture again.  Still it did mean I got to spend half hour out in the snow with the kids :)

I don't think I ever recall such a heavy snowfall... Let alone in November.  Apparantly we have far worse to come too over the next few months... Nitemare!

Not for the kids (and not so little kids amongst us though)

Monday, 29 November 2010

Tween Angel Mega Collection Now in store

Is it me or do little girls turn into teenangers far earlier than they used to? With two daughters of my own it seems to come around far too quickly... With a colour palette of pink and black this mega collection is the perfect girlie kit to scrap your memories, whether it is your  teenager to be or your little angel who wants to be just like mummy.  It is packed full of girlie essentials many not shown in the preview.  Click on the image for a closer look.
The Full Collection includes

  • 23 Papers with a selection of plain textured and patterned papers

  • Over 70 elements!!!! including

  • A selection of bags to stuff full of make up and girlie bits (Front and backs included to make it easier to layer)

  • Furniture with layerable drawer fronts

  • Mirrors to use as frames for the photos of your beautiful young ladies

  • 3 little Tweenangels

  • A selection of make up

  • Stereo and ipod plus music notes and headphones

  • Perfumes and potions

  • Camera

  • Hairdryer

  • Frames

  • Flowers and foliage

  • Bows and ribbons

  • Word art

  • Two full bling alphas.  One with holes and a keyring to hang the alpha from

  • With so much crammed inside this mega collection is extremely good value for money.

    International Digital Scrapbooking Day Mini Kit

    I created this mini kit especially for you to celebrate your love of digital scrapbooking.  Everyone who scraps digitally knows its so much more than just preserving the memories, its a community of friends and fun. 
    The mini kit contains  
    • 8 papers 
    • Computer consoles
    • Computer Screen
    • Keyboard
    • Laptop
    • Camera
    • Flowers
    • Ribbons
    • Word art
    • and so much more.
    I can't wait to see your creations in the gallery :)

    Trick or Treat Halloween Collection

    The perfect collection to scrap your little monsters this Halloween.
    Click on the image for a closer look and to see the wonderful layouts created by Rosemary Siewart and Joyce Schardt...
    With a traditional colour Halloween palette of orange, black, green and yellow there is little traditional about this collection.  Open up and you will find it crammed full of goodies including a pre-stuffed trick or treat bag, cauldrons, brooms and cats on a moonlit fence, the possibilities are endless. 
    For those of you wanting to create a more elegant Halloween layout for your older monsters and witches there are also an array of co-ordinated flowers, foliage and much more.
     The Full Collection includes

    • 12 Papers with a selection of plain textured and patterned papers
    • Over 40 elements including
    • A pre-stuffed Trick or Treat Bag - Just add photo
    • Black cats
    • A fence to pop them on and a moon background
    • Cauldron
    • Witches hat and broom
    • Bats
    • Frames
    • Flowers in yellow, orange and green
    • Bows, buttons and ribbons
    • Word art
    • A Full Alpha
    With 12 papers and Over 40 elements this is extremely good value for money. I love stuffing elements in other things like bags and pockets.  This kit comes with a pre-stuffed bag but if you would like to "stuff" your own goodies then take a  look at the Four Little Pixels Add on Kit which includes themed background papers and png files of the front and back of the bag allowing you to decide what goodies go in the bag!  You will find the Trick or Treat Add on Kit HERE

    By my good friend Joyce Schardt

    Autumn Breeze Collection

    The nights are drawing in and mother nature's beauty has come alive with reds and golds wherever you look.  Sunshiny days are cooled by autumn breezes and the leaves are falling off the trees. What better excuse for heading indoors and catching up on your scrapbooking projects?
    This mega collection with 18 papers, 48 elements and a full alpha is perfect for scrapping those beautiful autumn memories.  The children playing in the leaves, harvest festival, pumpkin carving or simply the beauty around you.
    Unwrap this collection and you will find
    • 18 papers including 4 leafed overlayed papers - beautiful for any project
    • 48  elements including
    • A golden tree
    • A golden branch
    • Wise owl
    • Scarecrow
    • Rake
    • Piles of pumpkins
    • Individual pumpkins
    • Lamp light
    • Fallen leaves
    • Hedgehog
    • Flowers
    • Frames
    • Beautiful organza bows
    • Butterflies
    • Word Art
    • Full Alpha
    • and so much more 
    This is extremely good value priced at only $7.99.  Don't forget there is also an Autumn Breezes Cluster frame freebie that you can find here

    By AnnBK

    By AnnBK

    Saturday, 23 October 2010

    The Things You say Collection at DSI

    Just popped by to let you know I have opened my store here at DSI  with the elegant Collection -
    The Things You Say Collection

    With 14 Papers and 55 Elements and a full Alpha this kit is brimming with possibilities. Normal price is $6.99, but you can grab it for 17% off right now during the Fall Sale which ends on October 10th so hurry!

    The inspiration for this kit was my late grandmother who always had the right thing to say and was my constant comfort. I was so inspired by this kit there is also an Add on Kit too

    Normally priced at $3.99 the falling Sale prices make it a snip at $3.31 but prices will only stay low until Monday.

    Click on the preview and it will take you directly to the store where you can see it in detail and some of the wonderful layouts from the CT.

    Looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery.



    Friday, 24 September 2010

    A little catch up

    Hi everyone.  I just thought I would post a little update from my world....

    I am really sore today with my back and have been forced to take the day off work... this isnt great though because I just end up laying here feeling sorry for myself... which never did anyone any good did it, so I decided to occupy myself doing the little things that I never get around to because I am always too busy, so far I have managed to work out how to get my videos off my blackberry :) and am now updating my blog.  After this I have my expenses to do .
    The weather is changing here rapidly and autumn is definately upon us.  I am definately feeling the strain this year as I am still in a lot of pain alot of the time.  The cold weather and rain isn't really going to help the situation but there is nothing I can do about that.  Normally this time of year we are gearing up towards another week at Butlins.  This year however with all 3 of them having started new schools it is just not possible to take them out.  I think the kids are feeling it too because this last couple of weeks they've had the Butlins albumn out and Archie insisted I make him a Bud outfit.  Bud was his favourite character from the Skyline Gang at Butlins.  Last year he really bonded with him.  When we went to Butlins this year they were selling Skyline gang costumes but only Dude.  The boys like Dude but Archie really likes Bud the most, unfortunately they don't make a Bud one so we have had to improvise.  I have made him some hair out of one of my old t-shirts and hopefully Ann, who made our bridesmaid dresses will make him the dungarees now we have brought the material


    Archie with Bud Oct 09

    Archie Sept 10


    Archie Sept 10

    In the meantime they will have to make do with dressing up as very cool dudes!

    and here is their X factor audition to be part of the skyoine gang (sorry its a bit dark I am still getting to grips with all this :) )

    Thursday, 9 September 2010

    Kayleigh is settling in well at Senior School

    Kayleigh started senior school on Friday.  After telling me for months she didn't wan't to go there she has settled in amazingly and is totally loving it!  We are having a few teething problems regarding getting ready in the morning, leaving on time and homework but I'm hoping she'll soon get in the swing of it although the early signs are not good.  Still I am sure a couple of detentions will do the trick and get her focused on what she needs to be doing!  Sometimes learning the hardway ends up being the best way LOL.  Am really glad she is so happy though as she was really upset that alot of her friends ended up going to another school.

    She does seem so grown up now in her uniform... Makes me feel soooo old!!!

    Wednesday, 8 September 2010

    The Twins have started school

    I can't believe how quickly this has come around!!! It only seems like yesterday they were snuggled up in the same cot.  I don't know where time goes so quickly.  Mind you they are both more than ready for it!  Having done nursery for a couple of years now they really do need the constant stimulation and Emma and I certainly need the rest!!

    Here are some photos of them last Thursday on their first day.  Don't they look just sooooooo gorgeous.

    Thursday and Friday went really well.  They just ran off ahead to the classroom with out a care in the world.  Monday can only be described as a morning from hell for Emma as both of them decided that "Nope they weren't playing the game today!" 

     In fact they had an all mighty hissy fit on the classroom floor clinging on to Emma for dear life.  Understandably Em was really upset by this when she had to come home and leave them, but their tears soon stopped and the school rang to say they had settled well within a couple of minutes of her being home and there were no further instances that day.  A good chat with them when they got home and a sticker chart each with the option of winning a trip to Old MacDonalds farm at the weekend seems to have done the trick and touchwood yesterday and today have gone fairly smoothly. Long may it last that way!! 

    They do seem to spend the majority of their time at School playing in the Garden and yesterday when it rain the teaching assistant asked them to both come in.  Harley eventually did after a bit of protesting but Archie refused and his teacher had to come and get him.  By which time her was absolutely soaked.  Today they insisted on taking their wellies and coat so they wouldn't have to come back in to the classroom if it rained!!! LOL  Mind you today they were really happy when I got home as they had 2 new friends come to school back from their holidays - Chucky and Rebecca the school chickens... Not sure they may be laying many eggs this term with my boys there and if they do I wouldn't be surprised if they end up scrambled!! LOL..

    Tuesday, 24 August 2010

    Hollie's Exam Results - Am so Proud

    Just got off the phone with Hollie and had to share Hollies Amazing Exam results with you all.  She went to the school this morning to collect her GCSE results

    Science - 2 A Stars

                    2 A's

    Health and Social Care - 4 A's and a Distinction over all

    English B

    Business and Communication B

    Humanity B

    Maths C

    Art C

    This is so amazing Hollie.  You have done so very very well and I am really proud of you as I know everyone will be.

    This year Hollie will be taking A levels before going to Hadlow next year to start her vetinary training.  I am also pleased to say that Hollie has decided to take a photography A level which will give her the creative outlet to balance all the academic studying.

    Well done Hollie!!!! xxxxxxxx

    Still not back to work

    I am still not back to work!! Nitemare.  I had hoped for Monday and then Wednesday but this morning I had to face the reality this is going to take a lot longer to heal than I had planned for.  I have rung the GPs and asked for a sick certificate for another week.  I can't remember the last time I had a sick certificate.  I am hardly ever off sick and then only for one or two days.

    I can't even do much paperwork as it is hard to type flat on your back and the pain killers make me a bit drowsy.  I have had a bit of fun playing with a friend's blog.  I would be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed having a bit of "me" time to do creative stuff on the computer and it has opened my eyes to "services" I could provide.

    Funny I do miss work alot but it actually makes me think more and more about what I wan't to do in a few years time.  This job is amazing.  I love selling medical equipment to the NHS and offering patients solutions to improve their quality of life but equally it is extremely hard work and alot of pressure.  I am constantly juggling one thing to do another and to be fair have been extremely successful to date.  I also work for an amazing company and my boss is great too.  However it is hard physical work.  I spend alot of time humping boxes in and out of the car and carrying stuff all the way from the car parks.  I am not sure I want to be doing that when I am 50!  I've often dreamed of retiring at 50 but with the way things keep changing who knows when I'll be able to retire!  Still worry not, I've still got 12 years until I'm 50 , although today it feels an awful lot closer.  In fact I feel more like 60!!!

    Oh well lets hope tomorrow is alot better than today!

    Sunday, 22 August 2010

    Still sore

    Well for a little up date.  I am still very very sore but getting about a little more today.  Yesterday was awful and I was very disappointed I didn't feel a little better but today whilst still very painful has been bareable with pain killers from the doctor. 

    Hollie came round this morning which was lovely and I spent the majority of the morning upstairs with the kids.  It is a bit hard to get the twins to stop bouncing though... at 4 they see a big bed and it is instinct just to do it!!

    A couple of the neighbours have popped in today and I have managed to get downstairs for a bit.  I even managed to sit at the table and eat my dinner but I wouldn't wan't to stay there too long.  Sitting is still a bit of a problem.

    I have received some wonderful news from my friend Joyce who is branching into designing digital scrapbooking kits.  She is amazingly talented and I know she will do very well.  I am sure you will see many of her products highlighted here as she gets herself established with a blog.  Its always great getting news of her and her family in the US.

    I am missing Kayleigh who is staying at my Mums for a couple of weeks but I spoke with her yesterday and she is having a great time.  Emma has been running around like a headless chicken the last couple of days trying to manage it all.  It is really hard with the twins off school and me unable to do anything.  Nitemare!!  I had hoped to be going back to work tomorrow but I now know it is not going to happen.  Especially as I can't even pull my own trousers up without help.  I am hoping that Wednesday may be a little more realistic but again I am not sure will just have to see how each day comes.

    In the meantime I have done a bit of internet browsing and come across this fantastic site with great photography tutorials.  I would recommend anyone give it a look if you are interested.  I have bookmarked it and will definately be going back there more.