Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Twins have started school

I can't believe how quickly this has come around!!! It only seems like yesterday they were snuggled up in the same cot.  I don't know where time goes so quickly.  Mind you they are both more than ready for it!  Having done nursery for a couple of years now they really do need the constant stimulation and Emma and I certainly need the rest!!

Here are some photos of them last Thursday on their first day.  Don't they look just sooooooo gorgeous.

Thursday and Friday went really well.  They just ran off ahead to the classroom with out a care in the world.  Monday can only be described as a morning from hell for Emma as both of them decided that "Nope they weren't playing the game today!" 

 In fact they had an all mighty hissy fit on the classroom floor clinging on to Emma for dear life.  Understandably Em was really upset by this when she had to come home and leave them, but their tears soon stopped and the school rang to say they had settled well within a couple of minutes of her being home and there were no further instances that day.  A good chat with them when they got home and a sticker chart each with the option of winning a trip to Old MacDonalds farm at the weekend seems to have done the trick and touchwood yesterday and today have gone fairly smoothly. Long may it last that way!! 

They do seem to spend the majority of their time at School playing in the Garden and yesterday when it rain the teaching assistant asked them to both come in.  Harley eventually did after a bit of protesting but Archie refused and his teacher had to come and get him.  By which time her was absolutely soaked.  Today they insisted on taking their wellies and coat so they wouldn't have to come back in to the classroom if it rained!!! LOL  Mind you today they were really happy when I got home as they had 2 new friends come to school back from their holidays - Chucky and Rebecca the school chickens... Not sure they may be laying many eggs this term with my boys there and if they do I wouldn't be surprised if they end up scrambled!! LOL..

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  1. Boys are georgous!!!! am glad things are better after monday say on fb from emma felt so sorry!!!! Linda xxx