Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hollie's Exam Results - Am so Proud

Just got off the phone with Hollie and had to share Hollies Amazing Exam results with you all.  She went to the school this morning to collect her GCSE results

Science - 2 A Stars

                2 A's

Health and Social Care - 4 A's and a Distinction over all

English B

Business and Communication B

Humanity B

Maths C

Art C

This is so amazing Hollie.  You have done so very very well and I am really proud of you as I know everyone will be.

This year Hollie will be taking A levels before going to Hadlow next year to start her vetinary training.  I am also pleased to say that Hollie has decided to take a photography A level which will give her the creative outlet to balance all the academic studying.

Well done Hollie!!!! xxxxxxxx


  1. By the way the previous comment was from your daughter Hollie ;) xx

  2. Awww Mum!! you are soooooo Terrible!! hehe hope you feel better soon Mum, love youu xx

  3. I should have known. She's as smart as she is pretty! What a proud
    feeling for a mom.