Friday, 20 August 2010


I am laying here as I write this, flat on the bed.  I can only lay in one position.  Moving one inch means awful pain shooting through my back.

It all started yesterday morning.  I was doing my usual mad dash out the front door before one or both of the twins escape out into the front garden.  no.... they are not toddlers they are 4 and starting school in september! So why be worried then? let me tell you it can take the powers of a top level negitiator to get them to freely go back in straight away.  So then starts the game of "distraction".  i read it in one of many parenting articles or maybe it was on the "taming toddlers show?"... Anyway the theory is having told them to go in 20 times you try to distract them in that direction with "Oh I think Dora is on tele now" or "shall we go play xxx". The actual truth is it ends up being a game of bribary and that doesnt even always work! Then comes angry Mum face followed by fine stay out there the bad man can have you.  Top level negotiators could learn alot by studying my two little men.  Infact I might even rent them out to the united nations!

Anyway anxious to avoid this I rush out the door trying to get out before anyone notices. Having got out and shut the door I then got to the bottom step.  I totally forgot that my dad had been round the previous evening and repaired the crumbling bottom step.  The cement hadn't set properly and I slipped.  It was agony and I felt really rough.  I knew I had hurt myself and after a visit to casualty it was confirmed I have fractured my coccyx.  The bottom vertebrae of my back.  Fortunately my ankle was not broken but badly sprained.  I am hoping to get back to work Monday but right now I am not totally convinced.  I spoke with my GP on the phone this mornin and he is doing me a prescription for some stronger pain killers so hopefully I will feel better after that but right now I can only lay on my left side and type with one finger.  (Apologies for any typing errors in this post it is more difficult to do than I had imagined!)

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  1. But they are soooo cute even though they are little rascals. Love your parenting techniques and especially how you shared the information in your fun-loving journaling style.