Sunday, 22 August 2010

Still sore

Well for a little up date.  I am still very very sore but getting about a little more today.  Yesterday was awful and I was very disappointed I didn't feel a little better but today whilst still very painful has been bareable with pain killers from the doctor. 

Hollie came round this morning which was lovely and I spent the majority of the morning upstairs with the kids.  It is a bit hard to get the twins to stop bouncing though... at 4 they see a big bed and it is instinct just to do it!!

A couple of the neighbours have popped in today and I have managed to get downstairs for a bit.  I even managed to sit at the table and eat my dinner but I wouldn't wan't to stay there too long.  Sitting is still a bit of a problem.

I have received some wonderful news from my friend Joyce who is branching into designing digital scrapbooking kits.  She is amazingly talented and I know she will do very well.  I am sure you will see many of her products highlighted here as she gets herself established with a blog.  Its always great getting news of her and her family in the US.

I am missing Kayleigh who is staying at my Mums for a couple of weeks but I spoke with her yesterday and she is having a great time.  Emma has been running around like a headless chicken the last couple of days trying to manage it all.  It is really hard with the twins off school and me unable to do anything.  Nitemare!!  I had hoped to be going back to work tomorrow but I now know it is not going to happen.  Especially as I can't even pull my own trousers up without help.  I am hoping that Wednesday may be a little more realistic but again I am not sure will just have to see how each day comes.

In the meantime I have done a bit of internet browsing and come across this fantastic site with great photography tutorials.  I would recommend anyone give it a look if you are interested.  I have bookmarked it and will definately be going back there more.


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  1. omg i'm so sorry to hear your still suffering!! i really hope it eases up for you very soon must be a nitemare with the kiddies too! i'm thinking of you all and sending you tons of love n hugz to hope you'll feel betta
    love lin