Friday, 24 September 2010

A little catch up

Hi everyone.  I just thought I would post a little update from my world....

I am really sore today with my back and have been forced to take the day off work... this isnt great though because I just end up laying here feeling sorry for myself... which never did anyone any good did it, so I decided to occupy myself doing the little things that I never get around to because I am always too busy, so far I have managed to work out how to get my videos off my blackberry :) and am now updating my blog.  After this I have my expenses to do .
The weather is changing here rapidly and autumn is definately upon us.  I am definately feeling the strain this year as I am still in a lot of pain alot of the time.  The cold weather and rain isn't really going to help the situation but there is nothing I can do about that.  Normally this time of year we are gearing up towards another week at Butlins.  This year however with all 3 of them having started new schools it is just not possible to take them out.  I think the kids are feeling it too because this last couple of weeks they've had the Butlins albumn out and Archie insisted I make him a Bud outfit.  Bud was his favourite character from the Skyline Gang at Butlins.  Last year he really bonded with him.  When we went to Butlins this year they were selling Skyline gang costumes but only Dude.  The boys like Dude but Archie really likes Bud the most, unfortunately they don't make a Bud one so we have had to improvise.  I have made him some hair out of one of my old t-shirts and hopefully Ann, who made our bridesmaid dresses will make him the dungarees now we have brought the material

Archie with Bud Oct 09

Archie Sept 10

Archie Sept 10

In the meantime they will have to make do with dressing up as very cool dudes!

and here is their X factor audition to be part of the skyoine gang (sorry its a bit dark I am still getting to grips with all this :) )

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