Friday, 25 February 2011

Been poorly :(

Since the start of this year, as a family we have been poorly :(  Its been one germ or bug after another.  From colds, coughs, sneezes, to ear infections, infatigo and tonsillitus.  I had just thought the end was in sight and everyone was on the mend when blow me down we got hit by another bad cold virus.  To top it all off I have also had Blephritis for the last 3 weeks.  I've had it before.  Its a chronic condition which causes swelling of the eyelids.  I think its caused by the long hard winter and too much central heating indoors and the heater on in the car.   Luckily it is treatable and my eyes seem to be mending nicely. I only seem to get an outbreak every couple of years too... so hopefully that's it now for a couple more :)
This means I've been able to manage and finish off my latest collection which will be in the store this Sunday.  Entitled Scouts honour it is a collection about Scouting requested by a customer.  It will be available in both a UK and USA format.  Here is a sneek peak for you...

Hope you like it :)  Look out for it appearing on my Blog Sunday with a little freebie just for you:)
Hugs and Smiles

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