Thursday, 29 April 2010

Oh my I have been such a bad blogger

I started this blog with great aspirations and very quickly got distracted.  I have decided to set myself the challenge of getting it going again.  Here are a few recent layouts I have done

These photos were taken at Leysdown Beach.  We went there the weekend before last.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and was quite warm down on the beach.  Whilst we were there several paragliders flew up and down the beach.  It was an amazing sight but a little unnerving having them fly just above your head!
Supplies for this are Brandy Murry ABR Clouds
Brandy Murry Squirt collection
Brandy Murry Dynbrush Twinkling stars
All available at Scrapgirls.

Whilst Emma was on Jury Service I took time off work to look after the children during the school holidays.  We did loads of baking to keep them entertained.  Only problem was they liked making the cakes etc but weren't really keen on eating them.  Not good for my waist line!!! 
Supplies Brandy Murry A gardeners Diary
HollieWood Studios Kitchen counter.

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